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Hungry to help Jaguar Conservation?

By donating to the Jaguar ID Project, you can make a real difference in the conservation of these magnificent creatures. Every contribution, no matter how small or big, helps us to continue our work of observing, identifying and conserving jaguars of the Pantanal. In addition to monetary donations, you can also donate other resources or shop with us to support our work. Join us in our mission to protect these beautiful animals and their habitat.

Jaguar ID Merch & Accessories 


Visit our Bonfire or Mercado Livre (Brazilian merch) for even more Jaguar ID clothing and merchandise. Here it is easier and cheaper for international buyers to buy our products.

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Art for a Cause

Here you will find a selection of paintings and drawings from two wildlife artists; Paul Donahue and Diana Höhlig.

Want to 'Adopt' a Jaguar?

We need your support to conserve the jaguars of the Pantanal. Any monetary donation, no matter how small, is valuable to us. Currently, all donations will go towards our fire fundraiser to protect the Pantanal and ensure that this important ecosystem remains intact. Alternatively, you can donate other resources or shop with us to support our efforts to protect wildlife and their habitats.

Check out our Adoption Guide

Camera Trapping

100% of our camera traps have been donated by our supporters. With these records we are able to monitor jaguars and other species in locations that are hard to reach. The traps provide us with valuable information that would be difficult to obtain otherwise.

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