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Our team is passionate about protecting these magnificent creatures and their habitat, and we work tirelessly to make a difference.


Our non-profit initiative leverages citizen-science and researcher observations to construct a comprehensive database focusing on the distinctive identities of individual jaguars inhabiting the Northern Pantanal region within the Meeting of the Waters state park.​ The Pantanal stands as the global epicenter not only for hosting the densest jaguar population but also for nurturing the most habituated jaguars. This characteristic makes it an unparalleled site for witnessing wild jaguars thriving in their natural environment.

With these jaguars adapting to human presence, we've had the opportunity to observe and document various individuals' behaviors. Since the early 2000s, we've been cataloging jaguars in this area, utilising their spot patterns in a similar to way to how we humans use fingerprinting techniques.

By harnessing facial, left, and right profile photographs, primarily contributed by tourists, we've successfully distinguished 369 individual jaguars. This process has culminated in the creation of the Jaguar Guide, offering an extensive inventory of insights into individual key identifiers, behaviors, lineages, relationships, home ranges, and movement patterns. Our approach is distinctive and entirely non-intrusive, ensuring minimal disturbance to these magnificent felines.


To Protect a Globally Charismatic Species

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