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Adopt a Jaguar

Through our unique ‘Adopt a Jaguar’ program, individuals can make a symbolic donation to support our conservation efforts. We believe that by educating and empowering individuals, we can make real change in the world. Join us in our efforts to preserve our planet’s most precious wildlife.

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Want to Become a Jaguar Ambassador?

Symbolically adopt a jaguar and help make a real difference to the wild jaguar's chance of survival. You will be helping to protect vital habitat and monitor jaguar populations in the Brazilian Pantanal.

Download our Cat-o-log here:

How to Adopt:


Choose a Jaguar

Choose the jaguar you want to adopt from our jaguar adoption catalog.


Adoption Kit

Receive your jaguar adoption kit, including some very exclusive Jaguar ID Project certificates and prints. 


Make a Donation

Make your donation of 500$ or more by clicking the button on this page! 


Regular Updates

Follow us on social media to see how your donation is making a difference, whilst receiving regular updates from us on your adopted jaguar.

Check out our Adoption Packages


Ibaca  was the very first jaguar I encountered - we had been out on my first morning for a while and then all of a sudden she was there, resting in a tree high up above our boat looking down at us. I will never forget it! We were alone with her for quite some time until she eventually decided to get down from the tree and start walking along the water. We followed her until she disappeared from our eyesight. Her intensive look, her elegance (she seemed like a contortionist or acrobat up there in the tree!), her grace and generosity in allowing us to spend so much time with her have stayed with me since then. 

Adopter of Ibaca - Mascha

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