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Citizen Science Entries in 2023


Jaguars Identified


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Pantanal for Us to Protect

About the Jaguar Identification Project

At the Jaguar ID Project, we are committed to protecting and studying jaguars in the Northern Pantanal region of Porto Jofre. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the participation of citizen scientists, usually tourists, to help us build a comprehensive database on individual jaguars and understand their behaviors. Our approach is centered around community involvement, scientific integrity, and conservation ethics.

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Upcoming Projects to Fund

Our commitment to conservation has led us to develop creative solutions to protect the jaguar population in Porto Jofre. With initiatives such as fireproofing schemes and technology upgrades, we are making strides in making a positive difference. Explore our projects to learn more about how the Jaguar ID Project is making an impact in wildlife conservation.

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Your support is essential to our success, whether through donations, adoptions or purchasing merchandise. Learn more about our recent projects and how you can help.

All the Latest Updates

At Jaguar ID Project, we consider ourselves lucky to work with jaguars every day. Check out our blog for regular updates on our progress and other interesting information about jaguars!

Get to Know Us

Our team comprises of world-class researchers, scientists, media experts, and dedicated conservationists, all working together to make a difference.

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Jaguar ID Explainers

Jaguar ID Explainers

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