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Be Part of the Project.

Citizen science is a type of scientific research which is conducted in part by the public. What this means is that we rely mainly on YOUR help. By using citizen science it allows us to use limited resources and run an eco-friendly project.  

Please help our project by uploading your jaguar photos and providing a brief message including your full name, date, and what the jaguar was doing when you photographed it (if you have GPS coordinates please include).

We will respond back to you with information on that individual.

Get in Touch

If you would like to share more then a single image, please contact us directly using the email below.

110 Circle Dr N. Canastota NY, 13032

+1(607) 237-5471

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Submit your photos here.

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Thank You! 

Thank you for your support in our jaguar conservation efforts. Your contribution of submitting jaguar photos is essential in raising awareness and promoting the protection of these magnificent animals.


Citizen Science

We are grateful for your dedication to this cause and we look forward to continuing our mission with your help. Together, we can make a difference for the future of jaguars.



Submit your images above using the form or enter your jaguar sightings through our EpiCollect app. Simply download EpiCollect to participate in jaguar conservation. 

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