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Make a Difference

Join our volunteer team!

Thank you for your interest in wanting to be a member of the JIP Team! Jaguar Identification Project was created in 2014 and started working with volunteers in 2015. Since then we have hosted many volunteers, providing a once in a life time opportunity to experience life in the world’s most wild wetland, the Pantanal.

Where? When?

Jaguar Ecological Reserve located in the heart of the Pantanal, Mato Grosso Brazil.

NOTE: we only accept volunteers from the months of JUNE-NOVEMBER


How Does it work?

We charge 10 USD a day that will cover your food and transportation to and from the airport upon arrival. Your room at the lodge is free.


Remember that you will be volunteering for the Jaguar Identification Project and Jaguar Ecological reserve. We want to make it clear that your service as a volunteer will be 30% working with the data collection for the project and 70% working and helping at Jaguar Ecological Reserve. (You can Google the lodge to see where we are based!)


A huge part of volunteering is helping at the ecolodge meaning leading guided walking tours on some of our trails, leading our jaguar safari tours, spotlighting for out night safaris, and just giving a general hand wherever you are needed or asked. 


Who can volunteer?

Anyone and everyone, just depends on our availability.

There are some of the requirements we expect from our volunteers. 

You must be able to;

  • Lift 50lbs

  • Drive a manual car on poor roads

  • Speak fluent English

  • Stay for a full month

  • Some experience with recording scientific data

  • Competence in communication with wildlife tourist

  • Basic background on wildlife of South America

  • Endure long hours in the heat of the Pantanal

  • Willing and able to help where you are needed at the ecolodge during the entire stay.

  • Always be a team player

  • Not afraid of bugs, frogs, or snakes.

How can you sign up?

If you fit all these requirements and are still interested please send your CV or resume to Please, if you have any question or would like more information send an email our way!

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