Team JIP.

Meet The Team

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Abigail Martin

Is a American zoologist and competent mariner from Update New York. Abbie created the Jaguar Identification Project in 2015 and founded the non-profit The Wetland Research Center, Inc in 2020. The Jaguar ID Project uses citizen science and remote camera traps to study the ecology and behavior of a large population of jaguars found in the Porto Jofre and surrounding region of the Brazilian Pantanal. Over the past decade she has documented nearly 300 different jaguars and has over 5,000 hours of wild jaguar observations. Her project boosts the largest database on jaguar demographics in the wild and has given an immense amount of value to the jaguars in the only place in the world where an alive jaguar is worth far more than a dead on.


Paul Raad is a dedicated wildlife veterinarian and passionate conservationist from Uruguay. In 2018, Paul was the coordinator of a Roots and Shoots group from the Jane Goodall's Institute in Uruguay, called “Latidos Nativos”. Paul has worked as a veterinarian for an organization called IPÊ (Institute for Ecological Research) in Brasil as a member of the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative in the Amazon and Pantanal region of Brazil. Today Paul is working with Jaguar ID Project in the Northern Pantanal and is overseeing their new project located at the beginning of the Transpantaneira Highway aimed to mitigate the jaguar cattle conflict by using tools of conservation and responsible ecotourism. Among many activities from JIP, he is also carrying out his postgraduate studies at the São Paulo State University analyzing the diet and ecology of jaguars.

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Paul Donahue
Project Manager

Paul Donahue is a naturalist, artist, photographer and environmentalist from California. He has been working in the South American tropics since 1972, and with jaguars in the northern Pantanal since 2007. During that time he spent six seasons working as the jaguar biologist/naturalist for local ecotourism operators. In addition to jaguars, he has worked extensively with South American birds, conducting avifaunal surveys, recording hours of bird vocalizations, and leading many birding trips. Paul has constructed rainforest canopy walkways in Peru and Costa Rica, and dozens of canopy observation platforms. Paul has also conducted many guide training workshops in Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.


Chris Ang
Operation Manager

Is an image creator and contributor to several conservation organizations such as WWF, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, and the World Animal Protection. Chris is also a brand ambassador for Cotton Carrier gear and Gura Gear. Chris has been coming to photography the wildlife of the Pantanal for the last 5 years. Chris believe that for photography to be optimal is had to serve a higher purpose and that's exactly what he does with his photos; to invite people to fall in-love with nature and its species, hoping people will better protect what they love. Before becoming a nature advocate and photographer, he was a successful and well-traveled business strategist--helping to develop business building strategies globally.