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Author: Diana Höhlig


Diana Höhlig was born in 1985, in Germany. Today she works and resides in Switzerland. Her love for animals and art started with early childhood. Diana loves to be outside in nature. She finds inspiration for new wildlife and bird art through direct observation carrying her sketchbook, camera and binoculars. To hone her skills as a naturalist and an artist, Diana enjoys traveling and spending time in the field to study animals up-close in their environment.

She has spent a half year at the North Sea island, Heligoland. Watching the local wildlife and sea bird colonies each day at the “Red Rock” was a key-experience and a important force in her artistic career. Afterwards, she began to focus on bird paintings and won the prestigious German award for bird painters “Silver Owl” in 2013. Today, her artworks are shown in national and international exhibitions (Modern Bird Paintings-Germany, Birds in Art-USA, Society of Animal Artists-USA, Artists for Conservation-Canada, Golden Turtle -Russia). Diana's art is also recognized in international publications like the New European Breeding Bird Atlas, where she contributed 16 bird illustrations, published in 2020.

You can learn more about Diana and her work on her website

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